4 days in San Francisco

A few months ago, Adam and I took a trip to San Francisco! We had a great time and I wanted to share with you all what we did while we were there! I think we hit most of the top touristy spots (except Alcatraz…tickets were sold out weeks in advance!!) But anyways, besides that, we had such a fun time!

Day 1 we literally landed, Ubered to the Serrano Hotel which was beautiful! Checked in, freshened up and hit the town! We decided we wanted to check out China Town on our first day there. It was only a few blocks from our hotel so we figured we would walk. BAD idea. You know how when you try to use your GPS for walking, it’s super hard to understand what direction your phone is trying to tell you? Yea, that happened to us. About 10 minutes into our trip, we ended up in the Tenderloin district. If you’ve ever been to San Fran you know what I’m talking about, if not you should just stay away. We saw a few drug deals happening right in front of us in the broad daylight. We scurried down the street and immediately called an Uber instead to take us to China Town. Off to a good start, right?!

We made it to China Town and it was awesome! They had such cool shops with super unique items. Adam and I walked in and out of each store taking it all in. Their streets were lined with unique décor that made you feel like you really were in China (not that I would know I’ve never been!) We then found the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory and we got to see how fortune cookies are made! Very interesting to see and fun to find out how they get the paper fortune in the cookie! Adam and I got to make our own fortunes and give them to each other. And the cookies were delicious!

After China Town, we walked back to our hotel and on the way we found the Union Square. It was a cute area with some cafes and it was lined with multiple bigger stores like Macys and Tiffany and Co. We stopped at a little wine café and had a nice glass of wine outside. We then went down to the Port of San Francisco where we took some great pictures and had dinner at a restaurant there called Market Bar. It was delicious! What a day! The next day we had our Napa and Sonoma Wine tour (Check out that post here! One of the best days!!)


Day 3 we wanted to check out the really touristy part of San Francisco. We went down to Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf. On our way there we of course had to stop and get In N Out! They don’t have them in the Midwest so it’s a special treat! It was Adam’s first time having In N Out. I think he’s a big fan now! Of course I had to show him the secret “animal style” way to get his burger! My mouth’s watering as I write this! YUM. After our delicious treat we headed to Pier 39. There were a lot of cool places to shop and eat and we even saw a magic show…imagine that. HA. At the end of the pier there was a huge crowd looking at something. The Sea Lions love to bathe right there on the docks by the pier. There had to be over 50 of them sunbathing. They were so fun to watch, they were making noises and pushing each other off of the pier. After the pier we headed to a little restaurant where Adam finally got his fresh clam chowder! And then headed to Ghirardelli Square where I got my treat. A delicious hot fudge sundae! It was a pretty cool shop with like 3 levels. And the smell of chocolate was so strong that if i lived anywhere close to there I would be in trouble! They even had a big chocolate machine where you could see the chocolate being mixed around. I wanted to jump in. YUM.

We then headed back to the pier for some dinner! We went to Fog Harbor Fish House- highly recommend it! We were lucky enough to get a seat right by the window. The view was so pretty we both could not stop looking out the window. And of course, the sun was setting. It was beautiful. We could see the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz from where we were sitting. The food was awesome of course but I will never get over that view!


Day 4 we had to visit the “Full House” house! We first found the painted ladies  in Alamo Square which is where I thought the actual house was. Wrong. The painted ladies are in the opening credits of Full House, the house itself is about a mile away from the painted ladies. So we trekked along to find the house. It’s literally in the middle of a normal neighborhood. You would never know it’s the house unless you were looking for it and saw the sign right outside the house. Part of the sign made me giggle: “Be quick and courteous – don’t make anyone say “How Rude!” Clever! It was cool to see and we got to take a few pictures on the steps of the house. Danny Joey and Jesse unfortunately weren’t hanging around the house.

Then we headed back to the city to go see a San Francisco Giants game at AT&T Park! Since we were early, we wandered around outside of the park and found what looked like a little food truck court. We found a place and had a bunch of craft beers called Anchor Brewing. So much fun! We then headed to get some apps at a restaurant right across the street from the stadium. We got to sit outside and watch all the fans trickle into the game. The energy was great! We got really good seats for a really good price (apparently they were doing great this season but that worked in our favor!) It was such a fun stadium with a fun outside food court as well as an incredible view of the water. We also discovered McCovey Cove. Apparently for some games, people will come sit out there in their boats and Kayaks and try to catch home run balls-sounds awesome!

Overall it was a great trip. We fit a lot in for only being there for a few days. I’d recommend checking it out this city to anyone!

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