Exploring Venice Beach

Since we were staying in Santa Monica, we decided to check out Venice for a day! There’s a nice path from Santa Monica to Venice that is right along the shoreline the entire way. It’s beautiful. People were walking, riding bikes and scooter-ing along the path. We decided to walk and I think it took us about a half-hour ish!


Venice is a very interesting place and Adam and I have some mixed reviews about it. We decided to go early-ish since we woke up pretty early still being on Illinois time. So I think we probably got to Venice around 8:30 am. It’s hard to describe because as you’re walking this path from Santa Monica, it’s stunning and beautiful and then suddenly you just know you’re in Venice. The path of sand and palm trees was suddenly lined with a ton of homeless people living in tents and the atmosphere kind of changed. They didn’t bother us at all but it was sad to see their living conditions.

We kept walking and went to the skate park to watch some of them doing tricks- until someone started rapping at us and swinging around his metal poles at us. Freaked us out a bit so we kept walking and found a cute bar/restaurant and had a drink called Venice Whaler. Great view of the water and beach! Picture below!


Then we strolled out to the pier and watched some surfers try to catch some waves. Super fun to watch! And look at the view when you looked back to shore- the mountains in the background- amazing!


Now I will say the later it got in the day, the less sketchy the area felt. This is why we have mixed reviews… everything started to seem like a very normal, city. Tourists were now out actually walking around, the homeless had set up their shops and were selling homemade goods and the skate park was packed with people watching the skaters. The whole vibe changed! So we walked to Muscle Beach and checked that out- and there were actually people working out there. I don’t think I could work out with a bunch of people watching me but these guys were loving the tourist onlookers!

We then went to Venice Ale House. A small brewery right on the path that serves craft beer flights on skateboards! Such a fun concept and delicious beer choices. We got chips and guac and yummy chicken tacos.


After the ale house, we went to High Rooftop Lounge – the rooftop on Hotel Erwin. Such a pretty view of the beach and the city. It was a bit chilly but they provided us with blankets! So sweet. Great drinks, great music and great scenery.


Overall, it was a great day and we had a great time checking out Venice. We then rented our scooters and headed back to Santa Monica!


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